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What documents should obtain to claim the imported VAT and book the cost when importing goods?

When a Taiwan company purchases or imports goods from abroad, it shall obtain 1. the invoices of foreign companies, 2. the import declaration issued by Taiwan Customs Administration, and 3. proof and payment.  Lack of any of these documents, the tax authority would not acknowledge the cost of import goods. 

Case 1: Ship via FedEx. When your foreign supplier ships small packages to your company, they probably ship via UPS and FedEx.  FedEx will declare and prepaid the tariff and VAT for your company under simplified declaration procedures and then after you pay you should get a tariff declaration certificate (海關進口快遞貨物稅費繳納證明)issued by the Customs Administration


Case 2: Ship via a forwarder or a logistics. The forwarder will declare the tariff and VAT for your company under the normal declaration procedures and then give you the import declaration form 進口報單.


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